Septic Tank Pumping-An Must Do for the Holidays

Full House=Full Tank

The holidays are right around the corner again and those spare bedrooms will be packed to the brim with family, friends, and the in-laws. It is a known fact that having that many guest in the house leads to abnormal use of your bathroom and laundry, which in turn leads to an septic system that could be overloaded from the abuse.

Better for It To Suck First…than Really Suck Later

The key to having a peaceful home for the holidays is prevention. If you get a septic tank pumping appointment from TOPS Septic, than you won’t be wading through a brown, frozen backyard in January or questioning what is oozing out of your drains during the Thanksgiving parade. ¬†You will have peace of mind that your home can handle what Grandma’s Green bean casserole can throw at it. You won’t be down in the dumps next year and make a septic pumping your first New Years’ Resolution. Instead of a resolution, you will reflect on your decision you made months before and take that new found ingenuity and finish those other projects around your home that affects your…or your wife’s peace of mind. Yeah it’ll suck at first…. but at least it won’t really suck later.

So give Thom a call today for your septic pumping appointment.

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